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Beautea Premium Rose 玫瑰花冠茶 (15g)

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Beautea Rose Tea Preparation Method

Flower’s Character
Half Bloomed Flower, approximately 2 – 3cm in thickness & 2cm in diameter. Minor differences in size are expected due to Natures at work.

Flower’s Aroma
Opulence rose essence backed with exquisitely sweet scent, bringing you pure delight every sip.

Flower’s Flavor
Golden yellow in color; with a fragment of astringency on your palates. A pleasant floral after taste, Beautea may be steeped another 7 to 8 times.

Flower’s Brew
Use 1-2 Beautea Rose and steep in 80°C -90°C water in your favorite mug. For aesthetic purposes, ensure the flower stays upright during this process.

Flower’s Storage Guide
Beautea must be kept in dry and cool condition.

  • If seal is opened, use a designated clean resealable bag and keep in fridge. Consume within 60 days.
  • If seal is unopened, please consume within the date of stated at the package.